Company Profile

China Express Holding Co., Ltd is a financial technology holding company focusing on Internet and mobile Internet. By picking out premium operators and users through online and offline channels, the company provides customers with high-quality service and products, and is committed to become a leading personal wealth operation platform in China.

Our Culture

Our Vision

Far-sighted, leading our company into an innovative finance and wealth management group

Our Philosophy

People first, cling together, and create a win-win situation

Our Mission

Discover value and create wealth

Our logo’s meaning

Our logo consists of five lively people with hand holding hand, which is a reflection of interaction and connection, as the distinctive features of the Internet Age. The logo demonstrates our operation philosophy and pursuit, for adhering to the principle of people first, cling together, and create a win-win situation.

The logo adopts a gradient combination tone of golden, grass green, titanium blue, bluish purple and purple pink, which represents wealth, innovation, science and technology, foresight and passion, showing the company’s culture which is a blend dance of the five. Meanwhile, the ring of five people stands for the branches of the company's businesses and development, which are both independent and connected, forming our services into a complete system.